Join us Your participation is key to the success of World IBD Day

World IBD Day campaing make Highlight landmarks in purple

Highlight landmarks in purple

Talk to your local authorities (or relevant managing authorities) to present them with the campaign and ask them for their support. Lightening up buildings or landmarks in purple involves adding a simple purple filter to the usual lightening equipment of that building/landmark. EFCCA can provide you with a letter of support.

Contact Bella Haaf, EFCCA
The purple ribbon as a symbol of awareness and support for those living with IBD

Purple Ribbon

Many of the IBD associations linked to World IBD Day are using the purple ribbon as a symbol of awareness and support for those living with IBD. If you would like to receive ribbons for your awareness raising campaign please contact the EFCCA office.

Contact Luisa Avedano, EFCCA
Hashtags:  #IBDhasnoborders and #worldibdday2024

Social Media

Please share information of this campaign on your social media, your national association┬┤s website and the World IBD Day website. Whenever you post/share something about the campaign please make sure to use the following hashtags: #IBDhasnoborders and #worldibdday2024.

Become a volunteer on World IBD Day

Involving volunteers

World IBD Day is a good occasion to involve your volunteers, friends and supporters. Many of the EFCCA associations are asking volunteers to gather on World IBD Day at the buildings/landmarks to hand out information material on IBD.

Contact EFCCA office