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2016 World IBD Day campaign

About World IBD Day 2016 - press material (pdf-143kb) (doc 676 kb)

How to get involved in this campaign?

Highlighting buildings/landmarks
Please get in touch with your local, municipal and regional authorities in order to present them with the campaign and ask them for their support. In terms of technicalities, lightening up buildings/landmarks in purple involves adding a simple purple filter to the usual lightening equipment of that building/landmark. If you need any help in contacting your relevant authorities please let us know. If need be EFCCA can provide you with a letter of support.

Social Media
Please share information of this campaign on your social media, your national association´s website and the World IBD Day website. Whenever you post/share something about the campaign please make sure to use the following hashtags: #unitedwestand2016 and #worldibdday2016.

Keep your audience informed as agreements with the local, municipal and regional authorities are coming in. You can already share photos of these building before the 19 May in order to animate other local chapters/groups of your association. Please get in touch with EFCCA for sharing information on the World IBD Day website.

Involving volunteers
World IBD Day is a good occasion to involve your volunteers, friends and supporters. Many of the EFCCA associations are asking volunteers to gather on World IBD Day at the buildings/landmarks to hand out information material on IBD and to speak directly with people letting them know how IBD affects peoples quality of life and how it could be improved.

Please get in touch with your media contacts and share information about the campaign. If you are organising a physical event (see above) please make sure to invite your media contacts. Let us know if you need any support with this.

Further information:
For further information please contact the EFCCA office.

2015 Worldwide campaign

This year more than 40 countries across the globe are joining together in a unified effort to raise awareness about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in honor of  World IBD Day, held every year on May 19. This year’s efforts center around a global video campaign encouraging anyone impacted by IBD to share their story in a short video with the unifying theme of  “United We Stand.”  Worldwide, five million people live with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  

How to get involved!

The campaign calls for anyone affected by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis--patients, caregivers, gastroenterologists, nurses, family and friends to submit a YouTube video sharing their story.   

Videos should not be longer than 20 seconds. It should include your name, your city and country, two sentences about how IBD has impacted your life and end with the message “United We Stand in the Fight Against IBD. For social media, use #UnitedWeStand2015. Videos will be made public on 19 May 2015 and can be viewed on the World IBD Day website (www.worldibdday.org).

Campaign instructions

Show the world how IBD has impacted your life! Join others in their daily fight against IBD.

Purple ribbon

Many of the IBD associations linked to World IBD Day are using the purple ribbon as a symbol of awareness and support for those living with IBD. If you would like to receive ribbons for your awareness raising campaign please contact the EFCCA office by e-mail: Luisa Avedano: efcca.ceo@gmail.com


Download graphics:

World IBD Day logo