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World IBD Day 2015

Second Benefit Race against
Crohn´s and Ulcerative Colitis

ACCU Catalunya (Associació de malalts de Crohn i Colitis Ulcerosa), GETECCU (Grupo Español de Trabajo en Enfermedad de Crohn y Colitis Ulcerosa) and the Societat Catalana de Digestologia (Catalan Digest Society) organized a number of events in Badalona on May 17th in order to celebrate World IBD Day.

Algemesí (Valencia), 23 May
\r\nOn the occasion of World IBD Day, Cristian Ferragud in collaboration with ACCU España and ACCU Valencia is organizing the Second Benefit Race against  Crohn´s and Ulcerative Colitis. For more information please follow this link: second benefit race

ACCU España, (16 May)
\r\nThe special draw of The Cupón in collaboration with The Spanish Blind Association (ONCE). An entity who is working on disabilities that promoting space in the field of Community policies, among many other areas.

Málaga (19 May)
\r\nHomage to our founder and the co-founder of EFCCA, Leon Pecasse, who passed away last February. Furthermore, there will be a conference to celebrate World IBD Day which will focus on the disease from the patients point of view.

Santander and Guipuzkoa (23May)
\r\nACCU Cantabria and ACCU Guipuzkoa will celebrate, in colaboration with ACCU España, the First Benefit Race againts Crohn and Colitis Ulcerosa.

Asturias (17 May)
\r\nACCU Asturias will organize as previous years a race to celebrate the World IBD Day on  May 17th.

Zamora and Leon (13 and 25 May)
\r\nWe will organise information stands about IBD at the following hospitals: Hospital Virgen de la Concha and the University Hospital of León

ACCU Jaen (19 May)
\r\nWe will organise information stands about IBD in the following Hospitals: City of Jaen, San Agustin de Linares, Alto Guadalquivir Andujar, Ubeda City\r\nMadrid (15-31 May)

#LivingLaVidaEII is a campaign to raise the awareness on social networks about IBD targeting the Spanish community.
This campaign will take place from May 15th to 31st, to coincide with the celebration of the IBD World Day.

Different actions will be performed to achieve the objectives, culminating with an activity that will bring together patients and healthcare professionals, outdoors in the park Juan Carlos I.

First Benefit Race against
Crohn and Colitis Ulcerosa

Special draw of The Cupón in collaboration
with The Spanish Blind Association

Some of the runners from the group DeportistasEII