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World IBD Day 2015

Campaign is entitled "They deserve first place!"

Around the date of the World IBD Day next 19 May, a large information campaign has been launched by AFA and its partner, ABBVIE. The objective is to raise awareness in supporting patients suffering from IBD and to salute and acknowledge their courage and determination faced with the consequences of their disease, handicapping them as much as thrusting them into the unknown.

A radio campaign with soundbites of TV and radio celebrities whose well known voices will emphasis the message, in the press, on bill boards and on the AFA website.The campaign is entitled « They deserve first place!» documenting real life patient accounts of their lives with IBD.

The aim of the campaign is to value and not stigmatize the patients who fight daily to live a better life... to value their «small and big success stories», their enormous efforts, which no one seems to notice. It’s a campaign to illustrate the daily challenges that face people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, whether at work, at school, in social life... These IBD patients deserve to be in first place! 

Chantal Dufresnez
President – AFA France
Poster translation
"Who is the champion?"
"Nicolas, 9 years old with Crohn’s disease, deserves first place"
"Despite the abdominal pain he suffered from the day before the race, he managed to finish the race."

Crohn’s disease along with ulcerative colitis are intestinal bowel diseases touching 200.000 people in France, of which 20.000 are children.