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World IBD Day 2015

The Foundation Mas Vida press campaign with high presence on social networks

Within the framework of World IBD Day the Más Vida foundation organised free events all over Argentina under the title "Early detection of Inflammatory Bowel Disease".
Since 8 May the Foundation Mas Vida had started a press campaign including local radio stations and a high presence the social networks.

The different pieces of communication will provide the public with information about the main symptoms and signs of IBD, and people are invited to contact the foundation through its hotline 0800 222 0614 to arrange a visit to either a public or private health center in order to see a specialised gastroenterologist and to do necessary check ups if deemed necessary by the specialist.

The events will take place in the following cities:
Rosario, Santa Fe 11 to 15 May 2015
Mendoza 26 to 27 June 27, 2015
Córdoba, 16 and July 17, 2015
Tucuman, from 17 to September 19, 2015

We have also posted messages on social networks with the following messages:
\r\nPeople with IBD can feel the urge to go to the bathroom between 3-20 times a day. Other symptoms might include: abdominal pain, persistent diarrhoea, blood in the stools. Decide where you want to be. If you have some of these symptoms call us on 0800222 0614 and we feel refer you free of charge to a specialist.