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Europe (EFCCA)

World IBD Day 2024

'IBD HAS NO BORDERS' is the theme chosen by EFCCA for World IBD Day 2024

The emphasis this year is on fortifying global alliances and amplifying the collective impact in our ongoing battle against Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This commitment will be reinforced through an international round table on 19 May, titled "Uniting for Access to IBD Care."

The event will involve not only World IBD Day founding members, but also representatives from regions around the globe.

Furthermore, the plan for this year is to showcase diverse experiences and perspectives on IBD care.

The initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with IBD on a global scale by sharing narratives of people with IBD from different corners of the world. 

As part of our social media campaign, a toolkit with downloadable content will be prepared to encourage participation, inviting individuals worldwide living with IBD to share their stories through video testimonials.

Stay tuned!!!

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