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Czech Republic

World IBD Day 2024

In the Czech Republic alone, nearly 60,000 individuals suffer from Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

That's why, in May, the organisation Pacienti IBD chose the colour purple (symbolising the IBD community), educating society about idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases, coming together for communal events and even creating snakes out of toilet paper rolls.

In 2024, the theme of the campaign is "IBD Has No Borders."
IBD knows no boundaries, be they regional or anatomical! To emphasise this, they launched a website featuring a world map showcasing the numbers of those affected by these diseases globally, especially in Europe.

Pacienti IBD are also producing educational videos featuring patients and doctors and an illustrated atlas of the human body, illustrating where their manifestations can occur throughout the body.

In line with this theme, they released a special publication titled "Extraintestinal Manifestations of IBD," which is distributed for free among patients. As part of World IBD Day, patients can also explore an educational trail set up in several regions of the Czech Republic at publicly accessible locations.