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World IBD Day 2024

Once again, the China Crohn's and Colitis Foundation (CCCF) joined the celebrations for World IBD Day!

Under the motto “Let Love Shine,” over 50 buildings in 32 cities across China were illuminated with purple lights in support of IBD patients.

Also, for six consecutive days from 14 to 19 May, the organization held IBD Science Week, a series of lectures given by experts and open to questions from attendees.

The lectures, which were broadcast live, covered diet, exercise, lifestyle, disease progression, and treatment-related issues for IBD patients.

Finally, among the numerous initiatives in support of people with IBD across the country, the "Run for Love" held in Hangzhou stands out, aimed at raising funds for a health package project for IBD patients.

Discover more about CCCF's activities on the organisation's website: