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World IBD Day 2021

The EDGE Foundation in Egypt is joining efforts worldwide to raise IBD awareness. They have planned the following activities:

They will organise a patient Webinar with a multi-disciplinary team educating patients on various IBD perspectives and answering their questions.

They will go to major hospitals with a booth to distribute educational materials, booklets, and giveaways for community awareness on IBD.

They will participate in a famous TV program that is seen by most Egyptians to address IBD patient needs and identify their battle to the community.

Finally, they will run media coverage on social media and national newspapers.

ESIBD’s patient advocacy committee will dedicate all the month of May to patient education and awareness-raising. They will organise a press release on early diagnosis of IBD, and there will be a weekly Livestream with a specialist on their Facebook page.

Influencers such as athletes or TV show hosts will upload IBD awareness posts on their social media with the hashtag #benhebelhayah in support of the campaign and the patients themselves.

Patient testimonials videos will be released on Benheb el Hayah page in a segment called “Patient stories”

On May 19th they will have two large booths in malls located in Cairo and Alexandria where they will distribute pamphlets for awareness and patient education.

Finally, at the end of May, there will be a press conference in which will be presented the first patient advocacy initiative in Egypt for IBD patients

 As-Salam International hospital – Alameda Healthcare is organising several events to celebrate World IBD Day

They will have a booth at the Outpatient entrance where they will distribute flyers and awareness-raising materials.

They are going to grant a 10% discount on GIT consultation on the 19th of May that might be extended till the end of the month

Finally, they are also carrying out a social media campaign with live videos consultants about different topics of GIT diseases. They will start on 18 May talking about IBD-related symptoms and treatment /suggested action.