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World IBD Day 2018

For World IBD Day 2018, several activities were held in order to raise awareness of the more than 600,000 people living with IBD in India. 

The Colitis Association of India organized an event at the PD Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai which was attended by approximately 50 patients. Many gastroenterologists participated at the event to speak about education on topics such as Diet and Nutrition in IBD, Bone Health in IBD, Science of Relapse in IBD and Wishlist for IBD Patients. 

The PVS Crohn’s Colitis Club organized an event at PVS Memorial Hospital in Kochi which was attended by over 150 patients.

During the meeting, gastroenterologists and nutritionists held educational talks on topics such as Pediatric IBD, Surgery in IBD and Diet in IBD,

They also launched the patient education video "My IBD Journey" (in collaboration with EFCCA).