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World IBD Day 2014

On the occasion of World IBD Day, the Uruguyan association of Crohn´s and Ulcerative Colitis (ACCU) organised the following activities:

19 May: An information stand was placed on the main avenue of Montevideo where volunteers distributed leaflets to passer-bys.

Many members of ACCU participated as well as other partner organisations such as Arroyo Seco and Adhipu / Atueru. We were also visited by Dr Alfredo Toledo from the Health Foundation Medical Union of Uruguay and the national movement of Public and Private health service users.

24 May
leaflets were distributed in a a new shopping center

\n29 May
as part of the World Digestive Health Day we attended to the business of the Society of Gastroenterology Uruguay where the subject was treated intestinal mi. crobiota : its importance to health and disease (

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