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New Zealand

World IBD Day 2014

Crohn’s & Colitis NZ, along with our twelve support groups nationwide were proud to be helping raise awareness and increase knowledge of Inflammatory Bowel Disease with a focus this year on ‘Wellbeing’.

To mark World IBD Day support groups across the country hosted public meetings, a welcome opportunity for those dealing with Inflammatory bowel disease to come, learn and gain a better understanding in the treatment of these chronic diseases.  These meetings provided a chance to ask questions, build a network of support and listen to guest speakers including Gastroenterologists, IBD Nurses, Dietician’s, and other IBD patients sharing their personal experiences.

In addition we celebrated this occasion by launching our online submissions for the first New Zealand based camp for children and teenagers with IBD to be held in early 2015.  This event has been made possible , thanks to money granted and donated as a result of the 2014 Ports of Auckland Fun Run held in March.

As we continue to support, advocate for and empower people affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease, we acknowledge with gratitude the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers, donors and supports who stand by our side in the fight against IBD.

For more information about our upcoming events for this year, we invite you to visit our website at