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World IBD Day 2013

The problem we’re facing this year is that 19.05 is a public holiday (Whitsun Day) so everything is closed and we can’t rent any seminar room. The only option are outdoor activities. Therefore on 19 May the Silesian Branch of J-elita is organizing an event in Chorzow Park (the biggest in the area) in the Katowice.

We will build “a paper path with empty paper rolls put one next to the other (or one empty and one full). A string will go through all the rolls in case of strong wind. The way will lead to one of the public toilets together with a motto “help people with IBD to get to the toilet”. We will ask passers -by to join the construction so that they can learn what IBD is. In the end all the full rolls will be given to the hospital.

In the city of Łódź J-elita will join the annual students’ festival with a one hour happening. This will include the show of children’ band together with a fashion show of toilet creations (made of toilet paper). Unfortunately the event will be much smaller than it had been previously planned because of the holiday and no possibility for renting a part of the department store.

Let’s hope that the weather will not disappoint us!
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Furthermore on 18 May the association "Appetite for Life" is organizing a  "Appetite Nutrition Workshops" when it wishes to present the role and discuss great effectiveness of using enteral and parenteral nutrition in IBD. On 19th of May we wish to organize a charity concert to draw public and media attention to problems of IBD patients' quality of life. They are fed artificially simultaneously and sometimes have to spend 6 weeks in hospital instead of taking artificial nutrition at home.

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