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World IBD Day 2013

The Attica's Society of Crohn's Disease's and Ulcerative's Colitis' patients (ASCC) has organised the following activities on the occasion of World IBD Day:

1. A presentation by Efstathia Pappada a specialist on the nutrition of IBD patients which took place on Friday 17 May 2013 at the fromer TownHall of Agios Ioannis Rentis in Attica.
The presentation aimed on raising awareness on IBD, the challenges patients face in their everyday lives in relation to food and the importance it has on assisting the medication and thus prolonging the periods of remission of IBD.

2. Preparation of a 1 min and 11 secs video which you can find on youtube.

The video highlights usual everyday problems of IBD patients and aims at raising awareness on our every day problems and the need to be informed in order to live lives as normal as possible.

3. Preparation of a 40 secs tv spot which will be aired on private and public Greek tv stations from 15 May 2013 until 15 June 2013.
\r\nThe tv spot is based on the concept of the 1 min. and 11 secs video and we hope that it will be a great introduction of our diseases to greek public.
\r\nOn Sunday 19th May 2013 volunteers will visited Public Hospitals in the Attica Region in order to give leaflets about IBD and offer to talk to patients and people from the public.