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World IBD Day 2012

We have dedicated the whole of the month of May to raising awareness of IBD. Our theme this year is IBD Sports and Fitness, using the public interest in the London Olympics to highlight how IBD affects fitness and participation in Sport.

Through a special website we conducted a survey of nearly 1,000 members and have found that about one third do not take part in any exercise or sporting activities and a quarter said their fitness was low. 80% had had to give up a sport at some time either temporarily or permanently. You can find the full results in a report on our special campaign website

On 15th May 2012 Ex England Rugby Captain Lewis Moody and National Champion Power Lifter Henry Tosh took part in a media campaign working towards raising the awareness of Crohn’s disease and Colitis.

Both athletes spoke of how they personally manage these incurable conditions, how common the conditions are and where any sufferers can go to find out more information. The media outlets ranged from Sky Sports News to BBC Radio 2, with the interviews reaching a staggering 154 stations and an audience of over 51,000,000 people. With the disease affecting 1 person in 250 they hope that this will have had a life changing affect on hundreds of thousands of people.

On 29th May it is anticipated that over 700 people will participate in a national Walk from Victoria Embankment Gardens, to raise awareness and funds for the charity and its work. The charity is still looking for volunteers to help– “We need a team of potential volunteers to wear the Teddy suit – the kids love it, but it can get a bit hot!” admitted Suzi Clark, director of Marketing and Fundraising.

Please visit to find out more about its Walks or visit to see film clips of its Champions and download its report on IBD: Sport and Fitness.