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World IBD Day 2012

Members of the Norwegian patient association’s youth group together with the leader of the national Parliament’s Health Committee and a gastroenterologist will be participating in a popular Breakfast television show. One of the focus will be on IBD and on the work our association is doing. The gastroenterologist will stay on the programme for the entire show (150 minutes).

An interactive application
for finding and registering toilets

Other activities on World IBD Day include information stands in several cities in Norway (a huge stand at Central Station in Oslo) with roll-up's, toilets, toilet-papers, members in same dresses, balloons and giveaways

In the evening there will also be a IBD medical webinar which will be transmitted via internet. Patients may follow the webinar and send in their questions via Facebook.
We will also launch our new web-site at as well as a new application for android- and i-phones "Porselensappen" with an interactive application for finding and registering toilets, linked to google maps. It's free for everyone, and has informations about IBD and LMF.