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World IBD Day 2012

AFA is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the fight against IBD. This fight is to support medical research by financing projects selected by our Scientific Committee – up to 5 million euros – in fundamental as well as clinical research. The number of scientific publications is impressive thanks to the impulse of AFA.

This fight is to support the patients and their children, relatives and friends: with 22 delegations, we stay in touch with their problems by giving out information, by supporting them, whether psychologically, medically or socially. This fight is to represent the patients, to be their voice and to express their life experience to political and medical decision makers; to raise public awareness through communication campaigns (2012 is the 3rd).

Traditionally, our National IBD Day is in October. This 6th October 2012, the theme will be « Show us your guts! » promoting sports and other cultural events throughout France. We hope to set aside two dates in 2013: one in May to develop awareness and the other in October to raise funds.

Be sure to see us with EFCCA in Brussels on 15th May to launch the question proposals to the European Parliament during the World IBD Day.

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